Last year, Weyland vehicles shipped nearly 1.7 billion gigatonnes of freight and transported over 8 million citizens off-world. This year, our transportation sector plans to continue that rate of aggressive growth. Weyland has invested 15% of total revenue into developing newer and better cargo craft, SEVs and personnel transports. We are focused on 3 key areas.

Hostile terrain transport

As Weyland's planetary engineers delve deeper into the galaxy to create new colonies and Better Worlds, our employees meet more unexpected obstacles. Our small personnel transports are more advanced than ever, able to negotiate vertical barriers and traverse semi-molten terrain.


Weyland was the first to practically apply faster-than-light theory to its fleet of SEVs. We continue to outshine our competitors, making FTL ships that are safer, stronger and more maneuverable than any on the market.


Shipping is one of Weyland’s most lucrative business sectors. Our employees can move more cargo with less energy, making our shipping and towing vessels more efficient and necessitating a smaller interstellar crew. Transporting the ore, materials and equipment that help us thrive makes our freight division a vitally important part of our fleet.



Two-person transport vehicle with 4-tread, track-belted wheels able to negotiate near-vertical terrain carrying small payload. With the NR6, Weyland planetary engineers are able to survey previously inaccessible areas of newly discovered proto-colonies. Vehicles reach top speeds of 88 mph in standard atmospheric pressure and gravitational pull. Variable-friction axes for front and rear wheels provide micro-torque gear adjustments for maximum safety and mobility across any foreign surface.


The only product on the market capable of suspending the body’s autonomic functions while maintaining the health of each individual cell during stasis. A Holographic display communicates with ship’s mainframe to monitor metabolic conditions to suspend cell function. The Hypersleep Chambers can be programmed to initiate, maintain and terminate hypersleep stasis of human crew depending on length of mission and percent FTL travel. Zero-loss lithium ion batteries in a tertiary backup system support the chamber’s function for up to 100 years in case of emergency.


One of our most popular and best-selling products. The RT Series Group Transport's shape-memory alloy wheel system has nano-reinforced hard-composite treads that resist temps up to 2000°F. Its ceramic gas turbine engine has .4 million pounds of thrust making its cargo weight virtually unlimited. With an 5.7 meter wheelbase, the personnel bay fits up to 20 occupants.


As the first-ever FTL space exploration vehicle, Heliades revolutionized the known galaxy. Dual FTL engines are driven by a 2.1 terrawatt RL fusion reactor. The ability to provide molecularly stable transport for ship components and human crew over light-years of space gives Weyland explorers, scientists and planetary engineers access to regions never before imagined. ICC-certified and compliant, our newest flagship model has a payload capacity of up to 9 megatonnes and a redesigned airframe and features a medical bay, lab facilities, and over a dozen HES-compatible chambers.

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