Advances in medical science have improved billions of lives over the past 50 years - and over 90% of those advances come from the renowned Weyland health sector. Since 2022 and the inception of its first medical science programs, Weyland Industries has become an unrivaled champion for better health, life-saving cures and surgical intervention. In that half a century, Weyland’s pharmaceutical and genetic advancements have improved life-expectancy on Earth by 16% and by an astonishing 21% for Weyland employees.

Today, Weyland’s diverse health sector employs over 80 million scientists, researchers, technicians, doctors and nurses. These dedicated health professionals treat over 3 billion citizens per year in thousands of hospitals and communities galaxy-wide.

In 2034, Weyland Health issued $500 billion in academic grants to PhDs in the field of genetic engineering. Funding for those

facilitated the discovery of the genetic selection process, a vital part of world reproductive health today. In biotech, Weyland pharmaceuticals are used in more hospitals, off-world clinics and medic units than any other brand. In minimally invasive technology, our newest line of surgical suite equipment is even more upgraded, automated and diagnostically efficient.

Weyland has also expanded our line of products to innovations for your home and workplace. Mobile External Diagnostic Centers (or MEDiCs) can be found in most every home, classroom, warehouse and transportation depot across the galaxy.

Since the discovery of the cure for the most commonly occurring cancers, Weyland has vigorously pursued the vision of a disease-free population through better technology and investments in medical research. In short, achieving a better world through better health.



This year, Weyland Industries introduced the FDA-approved MedPod 720i - our most advanced unit to date - which can diagnose, treat and perform a range of surgical procedures with ultra-fine laser incisions guided by 3D anatomical scanning. Procedures include everything from diagnosis and treatment of infection through concentrated antibiotic injections, basic wound repair, appendectomy, laparoscopic ablation and Cesarean section. At present, a dozen units have been manufactured and deployed in the field by Weyland Industries for practical testing.


MEDiCs are a critical tool for any publicly occupied space or civilian home environment. MEDiCs provide peace of mind like never before. Simply open the wall-mounted case and remove the diagnostic vest. Once placed over the patient, MEDiC will determine the extent of all external damage, analyze blood samples, if present, and return results within minutes. Emergency personnel responding can immediately access the patient’s information from MEDiC and relay it to nearby clinical facilities. MEDiCs can be administered by any adult citizen and have saved millions of lives.


Anti-Gravity Recovery Chambers are a highly sophisticated technology used in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Research has shown that patients in anti-gravity conditions exhibit a 70% faster recovery rate from traumatic injury or disease. Weyland scientists designed a room-sized facility that simulates anti-gravity on a particulate level. Patients can receive the benefits of anti-gravity treatment while remaining comfortably in bed. This product is currently under limited release exclusively in major metropolitan areas on earth.


Another remarkable technological feat from Weyland scientists, the Synapse Reestablisher, through precise, minute electrical innervation, awakens dormant neurons in the brain tissue of deceased or dying patients. This delicate technology is highly sensitive and restricted to a select group of doctors and scientists. The 9 existing Reestablishers have been in use for the past 2 years in medical schools and biotech research centers for experimental use only, pending FDA investigation.

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