Weyland Industries employs over 800 million citizens. As such, our products and electronics are the most advanced, most efficient and most highly intelligent on the market.

Our bio-sensors can detect trace amounts of toxic contaminants, making workplaces safer. Our FTT devices and holographic controls make scientific research easier. And our micron-sized platinum-doped laser position sensors make everything from terraforming equipment to weapons-tech smaller, lighter and faster. Our innovations are working harder in every home and every industry sector to make your world better.

Developed by Weyland’s world-class materials scientists and electrical engineers on Gliese 581, all innovations undergo rigorous testing at the New Products Testbed facilities at Henri Gaston. We use only the most advanced rare materials extracted from mines across the galaxy, and our nobel-prize winning physicists and materials engineers hold the leading number of patents in the fields of lasers, nanotechnology and microfabrication. Many products using this technology will soon be making history as part of the highly-anticipated Prometheus mission.



This next-generation device, used by Weyland geologists and engineers, surveys unknown planetary terrain in the pre-terraforming process. An omni-directional laser live-maps 3D topography and sends the detailed scanned images to the viewing platform. A new hyper-conducting spherical shell allows smooth, self-propelled flight in any atmosphere. Polymer film bio-sensors can detect airborne toxins and life forms down to 500 nanometers.


Invented in 2024. Perfected in 2073. The Weyland Modular Computing Device (WMCD) can provide audio, visual and kinesthetic enhancement to any room, anywhere. The WMCD picks up live video feeds from a remote receiver and fills any space with the sights and sounds of that environment in real-time. The WMCD can also recreate a full-surround environment of a specific location from any point in time for academic study or personal entertainment.


  • Constructed of transparent polymer composite with a graphene core.
  • Break-resistant up to 3000megapascals.
  • Can project its data content onto any surface.
  • Its sensors receive, process and send data streams at FTT (Faster-Than-Thought) speeds, roughly 37 GHz, from anywhere in the planetary range.
  • Used for military strategic planning to send orders to and from any soldier stationed anywhere within planetary range.
  • Also used to calculate FTL navigational coordinates on Heliades vessels.
  • Scientists can scan and collect data with HoloTab’s built-in Spectrawave function.
  • For personal use, HoloTab allows citizens to program all household systems and appliances remotely while away from home.
  • HoloTab can access the global knowledge center and display information in crystal clear holography.
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